Preparing For Your Child’s First Dentist Visit

Did you know it is best to schedule your child’s first dentist visit at the sight of their first tooth? Most babies will develop their first teeth between 6-12 months and it is best to start brushing their teeth right away. During your first dentist visit is the best time to ask any questions you may have about your child’s oral health. Preparing your child as much as possible for their first dentist appointment is a great idea to help form a healthy relationship with getting regular check ups. Here are some of our tips to make your child’s first dental visit a successful one.

Pick The Right Time

If possible, schedule morning appointments, when young children are alert and fresh. Don’t book appointments around or near nap time. No one wants a grumpy toddler and you want to concentrate on making this experience as positive as possible.

Play Dentist

Most children love to play and act out everyday situations.  A way to get your child excited about their first dental visit is to play dentist with them, taking turns being the dentist and patient. When you role play, keep everything positive.  You want your child to have a positive association with the dentist before they go for the first time. Get your child to practice opening their mouth as wide as they can, and feeling comfortable with having things like a mirror in their mouth. You can also give them an idea of what the dentist will do. Encourage your child to do the same on you and show them how normal and fun the whole procedure will be.

Child's First Dentist Visit

Bring Your Child To Your Next Appointment

Why not bring your child to your next check up? Seeing you relaxed (or pretending to be) in the chair and watching your interaction with your dentist could have a really positive affect on your child. Your dentist may even have some kind, encouraging words for your child.

Books/Videos Of Characters Visiting The Dentist

These days there are plenty of videos and images of various popular cartoon characters visiting the dentist and brushing their teeth – such as Peppa Pig. There are many books that describe the process of going to the dentist and why we do. If you are finding it difficult explaining what will happen on their first dentist visit without scaring them, you may want to look into these tools.

Choose The Right Dentist For Your Child’s First Dentist Visit

Choosing a dentist that specialises in pediatric dentistry is always a great idea to make your child’s first dental visit a positive experience. Not only are they experts in treating your children’s teeth but they are well rehearsed in ways to make your child feel as comfortable and happy as possible. If your child is particularly nervous or unsure don’t be afraid to ask if you can arrange a meet and greet appointment before hand to help them feel at ease.

At pediatric dental surgeries the whole practice is often dedicated to making your children feel at ease. At Eastlake Pediatric Dentistry we have child friendly waiting rooms filled with TV and video games to help children relax before going inside. Arriving early to spend some extra time hanging out in a fun waiting room can be a perfect way to ensure a stress ­free introduction. Eastlake Pediatric Dentistry treat every child with exceptional care and are more than experienced when assisting all of our young patients including those with special needs. Contact us today to see why we are the only option when it comes to caring for your child’s oral health and making their first dental visit an enjoyable, stress free one!